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“Good content (Defensive Tactics Instructor Certification) which will be a good platform to train new officers with. (Dan Solla) very knowledgeable with years of experience. Very good at describing the breakdown of all tactics”.

Ryan Richardson, Perkasie (PA) Police)

“Course layout (Defensive Tactics Instructor Certification) was very well put together and on point. Dan (Solla) is a very experienced instructor and kept the training on point, moving forward and making sure “everyone” fully understood the material”.

Dennis Smith, Northampton (PA) Police)

“I’ve had classes with Dan (Solla) before and he is awesome. Very knowledgeable, friendly and clearly an expert in his field. Thanks again Dan”!

Andrew Herman, Middletown Township (PA) Police)

“Loved the focus on practical application of skills to build muscle memory”.

Stephen Nick, Upper Dublin (PA) Police)

(Instructor was) “patient. Corrective instructional methods great”.

Brian Newhall, Upper Moreland Township (PA) Police)

“Good presentations. Instructor (Dan Solla) was prepared and willing to listen to students”.

Marcelino Aviles, GEO Group (GA)

“No issues. (Defensive Tactics Instructor) program is very informative and a great learning experience. Dan Solla is an excellent instructor. Very knowledgeable and patient. He shows passion in teaching every technique”.

Nikita Carter, Tower Eye Services LLC (GA)

“(Defensive Tactics Instructor)" Lots of hands on! Thank you. We did not focus on the powerpoint too much which was nice. Demos were clear and slow. Enjoyed real stories and feedback info”.

Christine Thompson, GEO Group (GA)

“This is my second time with Dan Solla as an instructor and I enjoy his classes a lot and he is knowledgeable about the course (Defensive Tactics Instructor)”.

Jackeline Bennett, GEO Group LLC (GA)

““The content of the course (Defensive Tactics Instructor Recertification) is appropriate and very effective in the performance of a police officer’s duties. Dan (Solla) does a great job in explaining the techniques and creating a positive training environment”.

Mike Brady, Bensalem Township (PA) Police

“Great Class as always”. (Defensive Tactics Instructor Recertification)

Franco Sanna, Conemaugh Memorial Medical Center (PA)

"Great Class (Spontaneous Knife Instructor). I learned more than I anticipated. Everyone interacted, sharing with their own knowledge, mastering team work and learning. Dan (Solla) was awesome taking time to explain, show and work with all students to understand each technique before moving on to the next”.

(Ground Avoidance Ground Escape Instructor) “Everyone had some knowledge and assisted each other with completing the tactics. (Class) good with no injuries from Dan’s application. Every move was demonstrated and Dan oversaw that it was completed correctly. Dan took time to show and explain “what if” scenarios”.

Vincent Lyew, New Carrollton (MD) Police

“(Defensive Tactics Instructor) “Perfect balance between power point and hands on. I have been looking forward to this class w/Dan (Solla) for quite awhile. It was everything I expected”.

Steve Germano Jr., Villanova University (PA) Public Safety

“(Defensive Tactics Instructor) Great Program, no need for changes. (Dan Solla)" very good at breaking skills down even when asked scenario-based questions that were relevant to work experiences”.

Christopher McClean, Lower Moreland Township (PA) Police

““Great class (PPCT Defensive Tactics Instructor Certification). Great instructor”.

William Ivey, Federal Reserve Police, Washington, DC

“The program (PPCT Defensive Tactics Instructor Certification) is great. Makes me feel better about making it home safe every day and being able to teach our department to go home safe as well. Very glad for the opportunity. Dan (Solla) was a great instructor. Very helpful in all manners. Very knowledgeable in testing and physical activities”.

Keith Clymer, Bucks County (PA) Sheriffs Office

“Very understandable (PPCT Defensive Tactics Instructor Certification). Specific to detail. Great learning environment. I would attend future training seminars with this instructor (Dan Solla)”.

Steve Zoyac, Federal Aviation Administration Technical Center, Pomona, NJ

“Great class (PPCT Defensive Tactics Instructor Certification Seminar), I learned a lot. Excited to take back to my department the skills Dan taught me. Excellent instructor, knows everything involved with the course. Would definitely take a class where Dan (Solla) is the instructor”.

Joe Karpovich, New Britain Township (PA) Police

“Sharing the field experience helps show this stuff works. (Instructor) also asked for feedback from students on techniques in order (for them) to learn more”.

Matt Slagter, Harding University Department of Public safety, Search, AR

“He (Dan Solla) easily adapts to the students’ specific needs. Great combination of learning and a fun environment”.

Ed Daughety, Harding University Department of Public safety, Search, AR

“Material covered in this program (PPCT Defensive Tactics Instructor Certification) is easy to understand, easy to do and beneficial to the students. Dan (Solla) is extremely knowledgeable and is an outstanding instructor. He breaks everything down in detail so that everyone understands this material. Thanks Dan for another great class”.

Gary Carter, Private Security, AR

“The instructor (Dan Solla) taught me things that I’d never experienced with any other instructor and was truly helpful with the applications of this program (PPCT Defensive Tactics Instructor Certification)”.

Shannon Dugas, Gretna (LA) Police

“The program (PPCT Defensive Tactics Instructor Certification) was presented very fluidly and I felt that everything was applicable. I enjoyed Mr. Solla’s instruction and professionalism”.

Tyrel Johnson, Harding University Department of Public safety, Search, AR

"Dan (Solla) pays attention to detail. He also gives relative feedback for the every day workplace. Great to have him back in Farmville”.

Jacob Harris, Immigration Centers of America, Farmville, VA

“I really like the fact that Dan (Solla) spent actual “time on the street” and was able to relate his real-world experience to the training provided (Defensive Tactics Instructor). Thank you for your hard work and dedication to your craft Dan”.

Mike Estes, Greenville, SC Police

“Great instructor (Dan Solla). Keep doing what you’re doing”.

Chris Thompson, Vail Valley CO, Medical Center

“Dan (Solla) is one of the best instructors I’ve had. He makes the content easy to understand and is always willing to help. Thanks Dan”.

Rebecca Jackson, Immigration Centers of America, Farmville, VA

“Instructor (Dan Solla) was very knowledgeable and concise”.

Ron Megginson, Immigration Centers of America, Farmville, VA

“I am currently certified as a ground defense instructor. The material Dan (Solla) taught (Ground Avoidance Ground Escape Instructor) was totally different yet was excellent and just adds to my current knowledge, skills and abilities. Dan is very approachable during training. Unlike some instructors, Dan actually has experience on the street, which allows him to convey to his students moves/applications that will work on the streets.”.

Mike Estes, Greenville, SC Police

“Instructor (Dan Solla) did a great job breaking down each technique (Ground Avoidance Ground Escape) and giving reps until skill is mastered”.

Chris Thompson, Vail Valley (CO) Medical Center

“Dan (Solla) does a great job presenting the material. His real world experience in law enforcement field greatly enhances the course and tactics credibility”.

Jason Malicki, West Chester (PA) Police

“Dan Solla is an amazing instructor. He follows the book to a (T). The (GAGE) class all around was very good. Dan Solla is one of the best instructors around. This is my 2nd class with Dan. I also took DT. I can’t wait for my next class. Thanks”.

Mike Parson, Bucks County (PA) Sheriffs

“(Dan Solla) was very knowledgeable with (GAGE) course material. Easy learning environment”.

Anthony Sherman, Temple University (PA) Police

"Good material (Defensive Tactics Instructor)…(Dan Solla was) very knowledgeable and taught the class very well".

Ryan Volk, Montgomery County (PA) Sheriffs

"This was my fourth training with Dan. He is an excellent instructor and one of the best I have met. A true professional".

Joe DiDonato, Plymouth Township (PA) Police

"(Defensive Tactics Instructor Training) "Very well put together. Was not bored whatsoever during the entire course. Instructor was very good at keeping me attentive and learning".

Alton Handwerk, Montgomery County (PA) Correctional Facility

"I thought the program (Defensive Tactics Instructor) was put together very well. Professional Instructor who took his time to introduce proper technique. Techniques were very informative. (Dan Solla), very helpful, great instructor. Took his time with showing techniques and reasoning with students".

Anthony Sherman, Temple University (PA) Police

"Very good program (Defensive Tactics Instructor) to follow for law enforcement. (Instructor Dan Solla showed) "good personality. Great verbal skills and demonstrations".

Lisa Girman Johnson, Lackawanna College Police Academy

"Instructor (Dan Solla) broke down moves, explained difficulties and applied techniques to real world experiences in a professional and expert manner".

Ethan Dorion, Berks County (PA) Sheriffs

"The Quality (of the Defensive Tactics Program) was and Mr. Solla's was very detailed. He demonstrated the techniques with ease. The environment was conducive to learning. I appreciate all the explanations, quizzes and hands-on-skills".

Jill Morrow, Shelby County (TN) Division of Corrections

"The class was excellent (Defensive Tactics Instructor). Mr. Dan Solla was very detailed in his presentation. Very good in demonstrating".

James Narry Wilson, Shelby County (TN) Division of Corrections

"(Instructor gave) "excellent presentation and answered all questions with expertise and knowledge".

Brian Daly, Whitpain Township (PA) Police

"Mr. Solla is a true expert in this field…I've had the pleasure of Dan's instruction twice. I look forward to it every time. It is a pleasure to have him as an instructor".

Steve Germano, Villanova University (PA), Public safety.

"I very much enjoy this training (DSM Instructor). Gives me skills to make me more comfortable in my daily job. Dan is extremely knowledgeable in this training. He is a very nice guy and it's a pleasure to have him as an instructor. He has taught me so much to help me".

Matt Rendos, Wellsboro Area (PA) High School

"Dan did a great job teaching the philosophy behind the system (PPCT Disruptive Student Management Instructor Certification) and then creating a need for the skills in a hands on environment".

Corey Mosher, Athens Area (PA) School Districtl

"(Dan) did a great job, (VPM Instructor). Answered questions and gave great insight to our specific issues that we have in the hospital".

James Burke, Hunterdon (NJ) Medical Center

"Dan was very informative, helpful, a great (VPM) training instructor".

Steven Pagano, Hunterdon (NJ) Medical Center

"Great class (VPM Instructor). Dan used good examples of incidents to show applicability to the students".

Christopher Hunt, Hunterdon (NJ) Medical Center

"I will be using this (VPM Instructor) in my work environment to help maintain safety. Dan was approachable and answered all questions that came up in relation to the skills and course material".

Erin Hartung-Ruane, Hunterdon (NJ) Medical Center

"(Defensive Tactics)-Instructor was very knowledgeable and was able to answer all questions asked".

Ron Szymborski, Upper Southampton (PA) Police

"Well done, (Defensive Tactics Instructor Recert). Clear and well presented".

Gerald Hunt, Lower Gwynedd Township (PA) Police

"I enjoy Dan Solla's teaching techniques (Defensive Tactics Instructor Recert). Very informative".

Jeff Contino, Bucks County (PA) Department of Corrections

"(Defensive Tactics Instructor Recert)- "Great material. Excellent class Dan. Enjoyed it like all the other trainings. Thank you!".

Greg Appleton, Bucks County (PA) Sheriffs

"Great instructor. Very Knowledgeable".

Monica Malatesta, Bucks County (PA) Sheriffs

"(Defensive Tactics Instructor Recert)- "Very well instructed".

Chris O'Neill, Warminster Township (PA) Police

"(Dan was) very patient and knowledgeable. Explained and demonstrated everything in a manner that was easy to understand. I will be looking for his next class".

Mark Compas, Tinicum Township (PA) Police

"Dan does an excellent job teaching the material and explaining practical examples. Really good training. (Defensive Tactics Instructor Recert)".

Joe Frankenstein, Chester County (PA) Juvenile Probation

"(Defensive Tactics Instructor Recert) program fitted the needs of officer-excellent. Dan did a great job. Everyone learned and nobody was injured".

Phil Cohen, Tatamy (PA) Police

"Quality presentation and expert instruction allowed for easy understanding and application of the course (Impact Weapon Instructor). The instructor (Dan Solla) was clearly an expert and provided thorough explanations of theories and practices".

Andrew Herman, Middleton Township (PA) Police

"Great class (Impact Weapon Instructor). Physical and intense but I like it. Another great class with Dan Solla. Makes learning interesting and fun".

Dan Buckley, Middletown Township (PA) Police

"Great material for police, (PPCT Defensive Tactics Instructor). Dan has been my instructor for several years and I still learn something new in every class. Great job".

Howard Laskey, Whitemarsh Township (PA) Police

"The class was amazing, (PPCT Defensive Tactics Instructor). Learned a lot, by far one of the best classes I've been in".

Mike Parson, Bucks County (PA) Sheriffs Department

"(PPCT Defensive Tactics Instructor) "No issues. Great class. Dan was personable and hands on with all students and worked towards helping everyone succeed".

Frank Fazzio, Upper Southampton Township (PA) Police

"Great instructor. (Dan) took time to show and correct each student every small mistake. Offered to stay later if students requested".

Keith Fennel, Solebury Township (PA) Police

"Good quality, (SHARP Instructor). On point for intended audience of females. (Instructor was) very knowledgeable and informed. Took time to review all materials and techniques. Plenty of practice time for practical aspects".

Charlie Burckhardt, Central Montco Technical High School

"Great Quality, (SHARP Instructor). Great class as always. Look forward to next time".

Frank Levindoski, Wellsboro (PA) Police

"I had a lot of fun taking this class (DT Instructor) and I learned a lot. I have no previous training and was still able to learn quickly. Great class! Very informative and easy to follow. Look forward to working with Dan again".

Jessica Ray, Coastal Protective Services, Myrtle Beach, SC

"I have been in law enforcement for 28 years and have been to many schools and training. Dan was one of the very best I have seen in 28 years".

Mike Merante, Coastal Protective Services, Myrtle Beach, SC

"(Dan was) very knowledgeable in the course (DT Instructor). Able to answer questions and explain techniques thoroughly".

Robert Selkirk, Calvert County (MD) Sheriffs Office

"Excellent program (DT Instructor).
It's always good to work with this instructor (Dan). Very professional".

Keith Hicks, Calvert County (MD) Sheriffs Office

"Good program (DT Instructor). Instructor is well versed in the program. Class flowed well. Good, real life stories for examples of techniques being done".

Adam Bennett, Southern Crescent Tech College (GA) Police

"Chunking skills was very helpful…Instructor was clearly an expert and demonstrated skills with ease".

Jim Gillespie, Chester County (PA) Adult Probation

"Dan was very motivated and obviously was able to relate to our class. It was a pleasure (painful one) to be in his class. Thank you".

William "Fred" Schumann, Bensalem Township (PA) Police

"I thought it was great training (Defensive Tactics Instructor). I learned a lot and will use these new skills on the street. The only negative thing I could see with these skills is that if you don't use them you will lose them. It is not something that you can do a few times and remember it. This will take annual training to maintain the techniques and skills".

Adam Kolman, Bensalem Township (PA) Police

"Great class(Defensive Tactics Instructor) and I really benefitted from the material."

Michael Brady, Bensalem Township (PA) Police

"Will incorporate majority of what was taught. Good balance of belief in the program (Defensive Tactics Instructor) and real life experience."

Ed Kisselback, Bensalem Township (PA) Police

"I was very pleasantly surprised and happy that the techniques worked very well. I've taken PPCT as a student (regular officer) and this course clearly exceeded what I had previously learned."

Grady Cunningham Jr., Fountain Hill (PA) Police

(Defensive Tactics Instructor Certification) "Extremely helpful in giving me further knowledge to use out in the field on a daily basis. (Instructor was) well trained and very professional".

Neil Jackson, Tredyffrin Township (PA) Police

(Instructor Dan Solla) Expert instruction-made it interesting".

Jim Benoit, Cajun Arms, West Chester, PA

"Dan has a wide range of knowledge, experience and training outside the course material which gives even greater validity to the techniques he teaches".

Michael Cavanaugh, Millersville Borough (PA) Police

"Great Class (Defensive Tactics Instructor Recert). No complaints. Very well presented class".

Franco Sanna, Conemaugh Hospital (PA)

"The contents (SHARP Instructor) were good and I will be able to apply the skills learned and teach others".

Alexandria Torres, Bronx (NY) Community College Public Safety

"The program (SHARP Instructor) was very informative and I feel that I'm very confident in teaching the material to other students. I liked the history behind why the program makes changes to different things. Kept me very motivated to be in class:.

Krys Freebes, Bronx (NY) Community College Public Safety

"All (SHARP) techniques were demonstrated in good quality. I definitely learned from this class. The instructor was very specific and professional with his teaching skill. I would highly recommend this program".

Sylvia Torres, Bronx (NY) Community College Public Safety

"The instructor was very knowledgeable and experienced in this field (SHARP) and in my opinion I would definitely recommend others to take this course".

Donna Lewis, Bronx (NY) Community College Public Safety

(Defensive Tactics Instructor) "Informative-officer safety clearly is the number one concern. Important skills to have in the field."

Frank Arrivello, Bucks County (PA) Rangers

(SKD Instructor) "Great program…Dan Solla is very knowledgeable in this training program. Is very patient, shows he cares and is very hands-on, allows feedback".

Thomas Rodriguez, Bronx (NY) Community College

(SKD Instructor) "The class is on the money with content to stop a knife attack. I teach this class a hard hand answer to an aggressive act. Good stuff. Dan is a true professional. He knows this class inside out and keeps the class on line. He is a true asset to the PPCT program".

Chad Cassel, York County (PA) Sheriffs Department

"The program content, (Defensive Tactics Instructor), seems effective. Also easy to retain and teach to other officers. The instructor explained the material very well and maintained my attention during the entire course".

Scott DiGuilio, Montgomery County (PA) Department of Corrections

(Defensive Tactics Instructor) "Techniques learned seem applicable to work environment. The instructor was clear and concise on explanation on all techniques learned. Also kept the class fluid and motivation up".

Drew Langton, Montgomery County (PA) Department of Corrections

(Defensive Tactics Instructor) "The general concept of keeping things simple is great…Mr. Solla knows this program inside and out. His field experience is a great benefit and he did a great job in passing the info along".

Brian Fisher, Falls Township (PA) Police

"Great class! (Defensive Tactics Instructor). Broken down very well between power points and activities. Very easy to understand and implement. Fun and informative".

Gary Carter, White County Medical Center, Searcy, (AR), Security

"Instructor (Dan Solla) did an excellent job presenting program (Defensive Tactics Instructor) in a static and fluid manner. Appreciated his field experience as well".

Luke Guthridge, White County Medical Center, Searcy, (AR), Security

"The instructor's own real life experiences helped greatly to illustrate how the techniques could be used".

Tyrel Johnson, Harding University (AR), Department of Public Safety

"Great content (Defensive Tactics Instructor). Will be very valuable for White County Medical Center officers. Dan was very helpful and patient. He explained the how and why to all maneuvers. I would recommend him highly".

Frankie Feltrop, White County Medical Center, Searcy, (AR), Security

"Really enjoyed the class (Defensive Tactics Instructor). Enjoyed the real world experience included in lessons. Evidence that techniques work in the field.

Matt Slagter, Harding University, (AR), Department of Public Safety

"Great job as always"!

Frank Levindoski, Wellsboro, (PA) Police

"Dan is consistently one of the best instructors I have seen over my 18 years of law enforcement training, both as a student and as an instructor myself".

Tim Troxel, Upper Moreland, (PA) Police

"The program (Defensive Tactics Instructor) is complete. Everything is covered well. Dan is by far one of the best instructors I've ever had the pleasure of taking a class with".

John Magovern, Upper Moreland, (PA) Police

"(The instructor, Dan Solla), "always knowledgeable on content. Excellent instructor".

John Kaufman, All American Tactical Training, Dallas, GA

"I like the way you teach in small steps. Thanks for your patience".

Eric Scruggs, ICA Farmville, VA

"Enjoyed it, (Defensive Tactics Instructor). Very well taught".

Dusty Ellington, ICA Farmville, VA

"Great program, (Defensive Tactics Instructor). Very good class".

Christopher Bailey, ICA Farmville, VA

"This is a great program (Defensive Tactics Instructor). Mr. Solla is one of the most thorough and patient instructors I have had. I feel like I have learned a great deal of things in this class that I have not in others. The care taken to present the information was exceptional".

Rebecca Jackson, Director of Training, ICA Farmville (VA) Correctional Center

"Excellent. Great knowledge of course (Defensive Tactics Instructor). Very relaxed learning environment".

Jim Byrnes, C & D Security, Hartford, CT

"Material was laid out professionally and accurate. I am more confident in absorbing and teaching this material, (Defensive Tactics Instructor). Instructor showed great knowledge in material and was able to break down to a point where it could simply be understood".

Obed Muniz, C & D Security, Philadelphia, PA

"Program (Defensive Tactics Instructor) was laid out very well and a lot of terminology to remember. The instructor was very knowledgeable and broke down training to make all the steps easily repeated".

Rich Swanson, C & D Security, Philadelphia, PA

"The instructor (Dan) was very helpful and informative in class".

Denise Wilis, Bronx (NY) Community College Public Safety Officer

"This training (SHARP Instructor) is the best physical training I have had in my career". The instructor (Dan) is very knowledgeable and was very effective in teaching techniques".

Amna Ahmed, Bronx (NY) Community College Public Safety Officer

"The program contents (SHARP Instructor) will fit well into the environment that will be targeted in the college setting. The instructor (Dan) was clear and precise in verbally and physically demonstrating the techniques".

Mary Faison, Bronx (NY) Community College Public Safety Officer

"Mr. Dan Solla was an excellent instructor".

Glory Grissom, Bronx (NY) Community College Public Safety Officer

"Mr. Solla is a very good instructor. He can read his audience and delivers the material as needed. He is also open minded and easy to approach. Thank you Dan!."

Rick Blouin, Atlantic Police Academy, Holland College, Prince Edward Island, Canada".

"Dan was very considerate of our time and transitioned between techniques smoothly (each element built on the previous one)".

Joshua Fraker, Southern Adventist University (TN)".

"A lot of info and practices (GAGE Instructor) to take in in a short period of time but good useful info and practices for this field".

Craig Dosch, Armstrong County (PA) Probation"

"Excellent instruction. Good job Dan! Looking forward to (GAGE Instructor) recert."

Pat Nuzzo, Westmoreland County (PA) Adult Probation"

"Good program (GAGE Instructor). Very applicable to student's work. (Instructor did) a great job-very knowledgeable with PPCT."

Terry Barnot, Westmoreland County (PA) Adult Probation.

"(SKD Instructor) Outstanding instructor and..close to the very best I've seen. I've been to several training seminars. Solla is straight forward, no nonsense and very effective instructor".
Bob Gogel, Lehigh Township (PA) Police

"(SKD Instructor) Program was great--covered both attack and defensive with a knife. Everything fit the course and was presented in a timely manner".
"Instructor was very knowledgeable and presented (GAGE Instructor) techniques in an easy to learn fashion. He was also quick to answer any questions you had. Course was very comprehensive".
Phil Cohen, Tatamy Boro (PA) Police

"(SKD Instructor) Excellent, could not ask for a better instructor".
"(GAGE Instructor) Excellent. Learned the skills quickly".
John Smoke Jr., Palmer Township (PA) Police

"(SKD) Instructor made sure everyone understood and completed techniques properly, as well as answering questions and comments well". "(GAGE Instructor) Very informative, descriptive. Prepared class well for future training. Positive learning environment".
Tyson Unangst, Palmer Township (PA) Police

"Great course, (Pressure Point Instructor), would certainly recommend it to others. (The instructor, Dan) broke the material down so it was very easy to understand and put into practice.  Thank-you".
Elisa Lopez, Villanova University (PA) Public Safety

Mr. Solla's knowledge and experience is evident immediately in his presentation of this training (Defensive Tactics Instructor)".
Jeff Contino, Bucks County (PA) Department of Corrections

(The Instructor) is very great at his job.  Very helpful and I would take another course presented by Dan Solla".
Sanjay Bridges, Villanova University (PA) Public Safety

"Most intense class (Defensive Tactics Instructor) I've had in awhile.  Great class, highly recommend".
Monica Malatesta, Bucks County (PA) Sheriffs Department

"Instructor (Dan Solla) was very knowledgeable and a pleasure to have".
Steven J. Germano Jr., Villanova University (PA) Public Safety

"I have taken alot of different courses and martial arts.  This course, PPCT (Defensive Tactics Instructor) puts alot of skill into myself.  Thank you.  Great job, Dan".
Greg Appleton, Bucks County (PA) Sheriffs Department

"I enjoyed Dan as an instructor".
John Tiedemann, Villanova University (PA) Public Safety

"Dan was an excellent instructor that made the training relevant to my job duties and I felt like I was thoroughly educated on the course work once the training concluded".
Joe Frankenstein, Chester County (PA) Juvenile Probation

"(Instructor was) knowledgeable and was an exceptional instructor on all levels.  I wanted to first thank you for coming to Villanova and teaching myself, and fellow co-workers the much needed tools to defend ourselves while protecting others while in the field.  I would definitely like to take more classes that you offer in the near future. 
Carlos Rodriguez Sr., Villanova University (PA) Public Safety

"(The instructor) was able to bring past experiences and relate them to the course (Defensive Tactics Instructor".

Ed Hilton, Doylestown Boro (PA) Police

"The course (Pressure Point Control Instructor) will be very beneficial and will be applicable to the environment at Villanova…The instructor did an excellent job of tying in Department Policy with course discussion.  I would highly recommend this course.  Thank you".
Debra Patch, Associate Director, Villanova University (PA) Public Safety
"Dan did a great job and was open minded to the changes in the field that are occurring".
Dave Scirrotto, Lower Moreland Township (PA) Police

"(I found the program (Defensive Tactics Instructor) to be very helpful and applicable to my job field. Dan's instruction and understanding of the course was among the best from a student' point of view".

Johnathan Alexander, Department of the Army, Security, Fort Detrick (MD)

"(The instructor, Dan Solla was) "great, very knowledgeable in the material".

Roger Ballenger, Department of the ARMY, Security, Fort Detrick (MD)

"(Defensive Tactics Instructor) "course content was completely in tune with street officers' needs. Dan was an exceptional instructor. Answered questions and provided demonstration and correction".

Philip Cohen Tatamy Borough (PA) Police

"All content in this training (Defensive Tactics Instructor) was very good. dan was a great instructor".

Chris Templeton, Colonial Regional (PA) Police

"(Instructor, Dan Solla), was professional and was very well versed in the course, (Impact Weapon/Collapsible Baton Instructor) he was teaching".

Chris Lang, Bucks County (PA) Sheriffs Office

"(Impact Weapon/Collapsible Baton) course was well organized and applicable. (Instructor, Dan Solla) made it very easy to learn".

Andrew Herman, Middleton Township (PA) Police

"(Impact Weapon/Collapsible Baton Instructor) simple skill set required. Delivered well by the instructor (Dan Solla). Very effective at demonstration. Nice Job"!

Joseph Guarente, Warwick Township (PA) Police

"Dan (Solla) was professional, but could also make the training fun. His demonstrations were smooth, making the skills look easy and simple. I would definitely take one of his classes again and recommend him highly."

Dan Buckley, Middletown Township (PA) Police.

"Good job explaining the information (GAGE Instructor) along with detail explaining the application".

Tyana Washington, Crucible, Fredericksburg, VA

"(Dan Solla) A very well informed and patient instructor. Hands on training was excellent".

Steve Yanchek, Tobyhanna (PA) Army Depot Police

(SKD course) excellent! Mr. Solla is always on point, quick to correct and always encouraging. Outstanding Instructor-Trainer. Thanks Dan.
(GAGE course) Mr. Solla is an awesome instructor. Glad to take any course he is instructing. He makes techniques that are new, very understandable and uses excellent correction techniques until we get it. KUDOs.

Nathir Ahmad, ETCS Consultants, Alexandria, VA

"Very happy with Dan's class (SKD) as always."

Chief Brian Buglio, West Hazleton (PA) Police

"This course (GAGE) along with the knife defense will make me a better defensive Tactics Inst.".

John Driskill, Lourdes Hospital, Paducah, KY

"Excellent program (Defensive Tactics Instructor).  This was my second time through this course and while my previous instructor was excellent, this one (Dan) was even better".

Mark Ledford, Criminal Justice Program Director, York Technical Institute (PA)

"Coming from a different background with different terms Dan was able to put it all together quite well".

Mark Belliveau, Instructor, Smith and Wesson Training Academy

"Instructor (Dan) was excellent, demonstrated all techniques very thoroughly".

Sean Farabaugh, Criminal Justice Instructor, York Technical Institute (PA)

"Instructor (Dan) was very good with hands on demonstration".

Joe Thomas, Blair County (PA) Probation

"Great class (Defensive Tactics Instructor); easy and able to pick up quickly.  Easy to understand and follow along.  (Instructor) very helpful when questions are asked".

Jeffrey Worley, US Army Military Police, Fort Campbell, KY

"Never had a doubt about the instructor (Dan).  Very professional.  Knew what he was doing".

Justin Trombley, US Army Military Police, Fort Campbell, KY

"This (Defensive Tactics) was a very well organized and well presented class".

Steven Bittle, US Army Military Police, Fort Campbell, KY

"(Dan) did a great job and I was very pleased with his professionalism and knowledge on the subject".

Matthew Barnes, US Army Military Police, Fort Campbell, KY

(Defensive Tactics Instructor Class) "very good, plenty of reps, good instruction.  Very good instruction.  Class was enjoyable".

Thomas Konerman, US Army Military Police, Fort Campbell, KY

"Instructor (Dan) was good at teaching every step and very clear on instructions.  Instructor was subject matter expert which provided confidence in students".

Dakota Kelson, US Army Military Police, Fort Campbell, KY

"Great course (Defensive Tactics Instructor).  A lot of new techniques learned.  (Instructor) addressed all concerns.  Provided very comfortable learning environment.  Patient".

Anthony Pickering, US Army Military Police, Fort Campbell, KY

"Don't change a thing.  I believe that the class (Defensive Tactics Instructor) was well taught.  (Instructor) answered all questions.  Good speaker.  Performed all tasks superbly, knows what he teaches to a "T" and believes in what he teaches".

Philip Vallejo, US Army Military Police, Fort Campbell, KY

"(Dan) taught the skills needed to be able to teach the PPCT (Defensive Tactics) course and added life experiences to bring the tactics home...Time in the course was well used".

Jeffrey Lee Brown, Alaska Department of Transportation, Commercial Vehicle Enforcement

"(Defensive Tactics Course) subject delivery was excellent. Topics presented in easily understandable format. "War stories" were relevant and useful in helping students recognize relevance of training".

Chief Charles T.C. Kamai, Kodiak, AK Police

"(Dan was) very knowledgeable. Had solutions for all the "what if" scenarios. Has valuable background experience".

Joe Zrelak, U.S. Coast Guard Police, Kodiak, AK

"All the (defensive tactics) were excellent. Very easy to learn/use and I expect I will remember the techniques...Great instructor. Dan broke everything down making it easy to learn and quickly. Then Dan showed how to utilize the technique in practical situations. Other types of training I've been to just teach technique, not the practicality."

Timothy Tilley, U.S. Coast Guard Police, Kodiak, AK

"(Defensive Tactics Course) content is excellent, skills that can be applied immediately. Excellent presentation, (instructor) very knowledgeable. Great demonstrations".

Stephen Rabender, Kotzebue (AK) Police

"(Instructor was) very professional!".

Hector Suarez, U.S. Coast Guard Police, Kodiak, AK

"I believe an excellent primer for standardizing a DT (defensive tactics) program with a department. The only errors I had were my own from so many habits from other styles of training and systems. Would definitely promote to other agencies".

Michael Sorter, Kodiak, AK Police AK

"Good/Great program. Applicable to Alaska law enforcement officers. Well taught, not too complex, seems teachable & learnable...Good instructor. Showed passion for subject, teaching and officer safety".

Dan Smith, Kenai, AK Police

"(SHARP Course) quality outstanding. Dan is very knowledgeable in his field and continues to be one of the best instructors I have studied under. Look forward to future training with Dan".

Frank Levindoski, Mansfield University (PA)

"(SHARP Course) very informative. Instructor very patient, very motivational (with) presentations, practicals".

Nathir Ahmad, ETCS Consultants, Alexandria, VA

"Dan is a good instructor. All aspects of the moves (SHARP Program) are demonstrated and discussed. Willing to spend as much time as necessary to guarantee the students' success.
Excellent time frame for the program (Defensive Tactics). Very clear presentation and demonstration".

Charlie Burckhardt, Safety Director, Central Montco Technical High School

"Dan continues to be a top notch instructor. Platform skills made the material easy to follow/learn and his physical demos made learning the skills easy. I would recommend Dan to any and all interested in this (GAGE) class".

Jack Leonard, PPCT Associate Staff Instructor

"(Instructor)...very good presentation and knowledge base".
Kristopher Rice, Department of Veteran's Affairs Police

"Great program (GAGE)--second time certifying with this system--excellent program. Great instructors--very patient and respectful towards audience--great representatives of PPCT Management Systems".
Richard Gray, St. Mary's County (MD) Sheriff's Office

"(GAGE) class would be recommended to go along with regular DT (Defensive Tactics) certification...Very good instruction.  (Instructor) definitely breaks it down to make it easy to learn".
 Robert Selkirk, Calvert County (MD) Sheriff's Office

"Good class (GAGE). Things I can apply to work".
Keith Hicks, Calvert County (MD) Sheriff's Office

"(Defensive Tactics) techniques were taught and demonstrated very well.  Very professional and easy to learn".

Paul Lorrah, US Fugitive Recovery

"Instructor was very good in relaying information both verbally and when demonstrating techniques".

Charles Poff Jr., Southern Maryland Criminal Justice Academy

"I liked the way that Dan could relate the learned techniques to his personal experiences where they were applied in real world situations."

Michael Cavanaugh, Millersville (PA) University Police

"There is a lot of new vocab and definitions thrown at you and Dan Solla did a great job at explaining the content so that I was able to understand.  Dan Solla did a great job at breaking down the techniques and showing me how to apply them so that I could understand them".

Shaun Beitler, Whitpain Township (PA) Police

"I have trained with Dan for a number of years and would have him instruct any PPCT class I take".

John D. Harris Jr., Holland Township (NJ) Police

"Every attempt was made by both instructors to insure a great and positive training experience. Match ups for partners were very considerate. (Instructors)- both are top flight".

Robert Robinson-Dassel, Allegheny County (PA) Juvenile Probation

"(GAGE)-training that all officers should have. Very good instructor".

Ron Porupsky, Pleasant Hills(PA) Police

"Awesome-Great training".

Michelle Kernan, Allegheny County (PA) Juvenile Probation

"(Defensive Tactics Instructor) program contents were very good, required and appropriate skills for job function. Instructor (was) very good and experienced with classroom and practical material. Instructor clearly explained/demonstrated all material and provided excellent feedback".

Gary Purfield, Chester County (PA) Juvenile Probation".

"(Instructor) spent appropriate amount of time in class and on practical application for class size and skill level."

Jason Brennan, Cheltenham Township (PA) Police

"Overall, good instructor and used good balance of powerpoint demonstration and physical demonstration."

Art Grady, Ocean City, MD Police

" ( Instructor was) very knowledgeable and helpful. Easy to understand and follow."

Greg DeGiovanni, Ocean City, MD Police

"I felt that the overall content/quality of the program (SHARP) was appropriate to the target audience that the system will be taught to...Outstanding presentation."

Shawn Jones, Ocean City, MD Police

"Good program (SHARP) for rape & sexual assault prevention. Good simple techniques for beginners and civilians."

Jeffrey Smith, Ocean City, MD Police

"Program covers all aspects of defensive Tactics...(Instructor has) obvious knowledge, straight forward presentation".

Sgt. Michael Pastirko, Bridgeton (NJ) Police

"The instructor taught at a good pace. I never felt like I was falling behind".

Wayne Beam, Tewkesbury Township (NJ) Police

"Dan is a great instructor. He offers practical suggestions and provides great attention to detail. I look forward to attending his courses and always feel that I come away with good knowledge and skills"

Tim Troxel, Upper Moreland Township (PA) Police

"Dan is one of the best instructors I have had in the last 17 years. He is extremely knowledgeable and passes on information in a clear, concise, no-nonsense way".

John Magovern, Upper Moreland township (PA) Police

"Great as usual-thanks for the x-tras. Dan always does an excellent job"!

Frank Levindoski, Wellsboro (PA) Police/ Mansfield University (PA) Police

"The instructor is an obvious expert in the topic and at delivering the information. Thanks for breaking us up into different pairs. You prevented injuries by doing so".

Paul Holliday, North Coventry Township (PA) police

"(The Defensive Tactics course was) very detailed with good examples to follow specific techniques. (The instructor was) very clear, patient and always asked audience if they understood or had any questions".

Nina Ocasio, Chester County (PA) Juvenile Probation

"Mr. Solla took his time and showed patience when direction was needed. When questions were asked in regards to technique, he had answers as to why the technique was the way it is. Good class. Thank you".

Aron Jenkins, G4S Risk Management, ITT Force Protection, Camp Bondsteel, Bosnia

"Dan, I never got a chance to fill out the critique. What I appreciated the most was that you discussed the physical changes that occur when an individual becomes stressed. I had a 7 week Maritime Law Enforcement course while I was in the Coast Guard. I don�t recall ever discussing those factors. I found it very interesting and am better able to understand what is happening�thanks! We (the crew) still discuss what we had learned and all agree that we really enjoyed the class. Even the one guy that I left with...(who hates everything) enjoyed himself too. Thanks again!!"

Kirk Schilling, National Park Service, Baltimore, MD

"This system (SKD) is completely applicable to every day law enforcement. Mr. Solla is a very good instructor. Hope to get him back to teach again."

Rick Baker, Blount County (TN) Sheriffs Office

"I really liked the (SKD) drills we did on Wednesday. (GAGE), great course!"

Rodney Holloway, Blount County (TN) Sheriffs Office

"(The SKD instructor was) very good overall. "(The GAGE instructor did an) excellent job!"

Robert Suarez, Clinton County (TN) Sheriffs Office

"Mr. Solla made sure that everyone truly had a grasp of the (GAGE) program's content."

Steve Klement, Knox County (TN) Sheriffs Office

"You did a great job with the changing areas to practice (SKD). You kept in mind that things are never perfect and we have to adapt to the situation."

Cheryl Sayen, Knox County (TN) Sheriffs Office

"(GAGE) course contents were great. Applicable to several situations. (Instructor) did a great job of explaining techniques!"

Jimmy Stephens, Knox County (TN) Sheriffs Office

"(GAGE), very good curriculum. Excellent instructor."
"(SKD), great curriculum. Excellent instructor."

Mike Little, Carte County (TN) Sheriffs Office

(GAGE), good job Dan."

Mark Wills, Tennessee Law Enforcement Training Academy

(SKD), Dan was very professional and extremely knowledgeable in his techniques. Excellent job. Hope to do more training with him!"

Josh Blair, Blount County (TN) Sheriffs Office

I enjoyed the stories that were applicable to the different situations".

Telia Shipowick, National Park Service, Baltimore, MD

"Very useful information. Took some of the mystery about how to react in an assault situation. Good presentation. Good content. Small class size was good also. Thank you".

Paul Bitzel, National Park Service, Towson, MD

"Dan is very knowledgeable about the subject matter and does the training comfortably and not so physically demanding like other courses I've taken".

Anthony Cianci, Whitpain Township (PA) PoliceWhitemarsh Township (PA) Police

"Great program, (Defensive Tactics Instructor recertification). Just so much information to squeeze into 3 days, but instructor did a good job in getting us all the information. The presentation was very good. The (instructor was) very knowledgeable in this field. Had good related stories from his own experiences".

John Cook, St. Mary's County (MD) Sheriffs Office

"Dan is an outstanding instructor who is well-prepared. He explains techniques in a manner that is easily understood and the pace of his class is appropriate for the students' level of expertise".

Michael Munch, Colonial Regional (PA) Police

"Dan is extremely knowledgeable and you always walk away from his class knowing everything you can".

Brian Mack  Whitemarsh Township (PA) Police

"Outstanding womens' self defense course (SHARP). Great presentations, use of power point and (the instructor was) well prepared".

Mike Kolar Whitemarsh Township (PA) Police

"I look forward to passing this info on to my co-workers. Mr. Solla was very knowledgeable and provided good feedback to questions/comments".

John DiBattista, West Chester (PA) Police

"Best class I have taken in years."

Mike Scanlan, SRG International

"Instructor was very patient, knowledgeable and adaptive to different types of individuals in the training class."

Sgt Tom Carney, Parsippany, NJ Police

"Course was very informative and will apply to everyday duties. Instructor was very knowledgeable and excellent in teaching procedures. Instructor was personable which assisted in learning experience".

Paul Vizza, Philadelphia County Juvenile Probation

"Very good course (SKD). He (Dan) explained all facets well and gave great critiques. His demonstrations and explanations of techniques were clear and concise".

Scott Brenner, Berks County (PA) Adult Probation

"All law enforcement need this class. (Instructor had) great knowledge of this class, Ground Avoidance, Ground Escape".

Larry Brunson, Prince Georges (MD) Department of Corrections

"(Instructor was) very well taught & knowledgeable of material. Included himself in the practical (applications). Wish class was longer".

Curtis Clanton, Prince Georges department of Corrections

"Great instructor. Exemplified willingness to stop doing skills and address any problems/modifications. Individualized attention to each student was impressive. Skill knowledge and demonstration...was outstanding".

Ed Vayansky, Allegheny County (PA) Adult Probation

"Instructor was very good. I thought taking the time to have us be in the instructor role was beneficial".

Tim Drum, Allegheny County (PA) Probation

"(Instructor was) very effective, professional and welcoming".

Joe Cockerill, Philadelphia County Juvenile Probation

"Great job teaching and with presentation of information."

Daniel Branch, Rennridge Regional (PA) Police

"Dan's classes are a pleasure with alot of information. I would like to take other training courses, (ground fighting/knife defense)."

Howard Laskey, Whitemarsh Township (PA) Police

"Found it (training) very applicable to the job over many years of using and training with PPCT. Very good instruction."

Stephen Borosky, Somerset (PA) Police

"Great quality training...As always Dan did a great job with instruction--Very knowledgeable".

Frank Levindoski, Wellsboro (PA) Police

"Dan provided clear and successful instructions with written and hands on presentation".

Preston Robbins, Susquehanna University (PA) Police

"The SHARP Program will provide students with skills to protect themselves from a wide range of assaults. These techniques will provide the student the ability to defeat minor, unwanted contact through attempted abductions. Dan delivered the program in a professional manner and devoted his attention amongst all of the students. This was a very good course".

Matt Phelan, Assistant Director of Safety and Police,
Bloomsburg University (PA)

"Very good instructor, he knows his stuff".

Belinda Deleon, Bloomsburg University (PA) Police

"Everything was good...Dan was excellent in taking the time to ensure that everyone was executing the skills effectively. Dan was easy to learn from".

Scott Stroud, Patton Township (PA) Police

"Excellent. Presented at a pace that was fast enough to prevent boredom but slow enough that the techniques were easily understood. I really think that your training is one of the most useful that I have been exposed to...Hopefully we will meet again".

Charles Burckhardt, Central Montgomery County (PA) School District

"Excellent Program. Instructor was fantastic. Knowledgeable and easy to understand".

Jeffrey Johnson, New Jersey State Police

"(Program was) very well thought out and researched. Very consistent with techniques presented. Great Instructor"!!!

Michael Cooper, Bloomfield (NJ) Police

"(Program was) very thorough and well researched. (Instructor was) very insightful with a credible background".

Joseph R. Pirillo, Mendham Borough (NJ) Police

"Instructor was extremely knowledgeable and explained in detail questions outside the basic technique and application".

Thomas G. Carney, Parsippany (NJ) Police

"I found the program to be very worthwhile and informative. The combination of classroom instruction and hands on practice provided for an excellent training opportunity. Dan's real world experience and classroom demeanor combine to create an instructional delivery method that enables the student to feel comfortable while learning techniques that are clearly applicable to the field".

Matthew Phelan
Assistant Director of Safety and Police Bloomsburg University (PA)

"Dan was very well prepared, knowledgeable and a top notch instructor. His classroom environment was very friendly yet still professional. Highly recommended to any law enforcement agency".

William Mooney, Tinicum Township (PA) Police

"I look forward to attending more of Dan's classes if I can".

Don Tressler, Mansfield University (PA) Instructor

"The skills taught were simple, effective and easily translatable to students. As always, great job"!

Chris Vegvary, Bucks County (PA) Department of Corrections

"Overall (course) will be very useful, I believe my department will benefit from my attendance here....Handcuffing was great!! (Dan was) well versed in all applications. Very willing to help and made situations realistic. Easy to learn from".

Scott Stroud, Patton Township (PA) Police

"Overall a good class. Very practical for police work".

Mike Richardson, Ocean City (MD) Police

"Skills were basic and to the point. Excellent (skills) to teach and learn. Dan is top shelf. One of the best and most experienced instructors I have seen in a long time".

Mark Poggio, First Judicial District of Pennsylvania

"Very well presented program with many skills practiced to refinement. Provided a high degree of self confidence in the application of skills obtained".

Andrew Hirko, Bloomsburg University (PA) Police

"Great job Dan! For the material you covered, in that amount of time was great. Thank you".

Greg Appleton, Montgomery County (PA) Sheriffs Department

"This is the third course of instruction I have taken from Dan Solla and as always he was outstanding. I have trained with many different levels of Instructors including FBI and top military personnel. Mr. Solla is among one of the best I have seen".

Joe DiDonato, Plymouth Township (PA) Police

"Excellent program and very practical. Dan is an excellent instructor and works well with people".

Tom Wittig, Whitpain Township (PA) Police

"As usual, Dan presented an excellent class. He proves to be extremely knowledgeable in his material".

Mike Milligan, Upper Dublin Township (PA) Police

"The material was well covered and corrective suggestions during proficiency (hands on) training were appreciated".

Jim Hinkley, Dauphin County (PA) Corrections

"I was very pleased with Dan's instruction. It is head and shoulders above the rest!".

Matt Bryner, Lancaster County (PA) Probation

"Dan is a great instructor. He takes the time to explain the moves and how to properly perform them. This is a great course (GAGE), can't wait to take more".

Scott K. Lewis, Dauphin County (PA) Corrections

"Dan did a very good job!"

Sgt. Mike Guido, Carlisle (PA) Police Department

"This is my second time training with Dan and (was) impressed both times. As a young instructor I value his training and will model some of his teaching style".

Allan Griffin, Parsippany-Troy Hills (NJ) Municipal Police Department

"Dan is a very likable instructor and definitely knows his stuff".

Mark Salvatore, Dauphin County (PA) Corrections

"Just wanted to take the time out to Thank You again for a fantastic training experience. Both the course and your instruction far exceeded my expectation. A buddy of mine recommended PPCT courses and he was not kidding... I wish I had this training earlier in my relatively short career. I look forward to more training with you and as I mentioned I'm trying to get to that GAGE class in September and maybe next year SKD. I've been to a few training courses which I left saying to myself, "That was great and I recommend it to any officer" however your course was head and shoulders above anything I've done. It even filled in voids in my martial arts training. Thank You again. Stay safe and God Bless".

Officer Allan Griffin, Parsippany (NJ) Municipal Police

"Third time with the course. Dan is an excellent instructor who created a positive training experience".

Officer Thomas Wittig, Whitpain Township (PA) Police.

"(Program Content), all good. Dan was informative and provided a great atmosphere for learning".

Jonathan Colwell, Kenton County (KY) Detention Center

"Overall outstanding. Tactics easily retained and applied. Dan was excellent. The week flowed smoothly and presentation was outstanding. Smaller class size very conducive to learning".

Officer Timothy Murphy, Hilltown Township (PA) Police".

"You provide a valuable service, one that is greatly appreciated by the officers. Cpl. Welch does an excellent job of teaching your methods and written protocol".

Wayne W. Silcox, Chief of Police - Millersville (PA) University

"Excellent job! Thank you".

Robert Petras, Maryland State Police

"Excellent instructor".

Timothy Jarrell, Nitro (WV) Police

"Course complete and applicable to my students' needs. Dan is one of the best instructors I've ever had".

John McGovern. Upper Moreland Township (PA) Police

"Instructor was very well versed in the program and taught the class in a very easy to understand manner".

John Kaufman, All America Fugitive Recovery, Hiram, GA

"I was able to comprehend and apply everything taught in class. Enjoyed the instructor's knowledge and examples and stories. Good class".

Alexis Schall, Delaware River and Bay Authority

"Content was very applicable to law enforcement. Dan did a good job with presenting the material and ensuring comprehension".

Jim McCaffrey, Warminster Township (PA) Police

"Excellent instruction--very well explained and demonstrated".

Michael Munch, Colonial Regional (PA) Police

"The program is current. Dan has a lot of experience, encourages class participation and is professional".

Chad Cassel, York County (PA) Sheriffs

"The instructor was excellent".

Denia White, Philadelphia County, (PA), Adult Probation

"Great class. The most fun and instructional one I attended."

Donna Day, Supervised Probation Inc., Americus, GA

"Very good and informative. Truly enjoyed the workshop."

Eileen Cortes, Philadelphia County, (PA), Adult Probation

"Great refresher. Very enjoyable."

Major Patrick McLaughlin, US Army

"Instructor obviously believes in the system and enjoys teaching".

Lieutenant (name withheld), Federal Reserve Bank Police, Baltimore, MD

"(Dan) did a great job".

Kevin Preston, PA State Constable

"Presentation was very effective and flowed smoothly".

Michael Bent, Holland Twp. (NJ) Police

"The instructor kept my attention and made class very interesting".

Doug Bechtel, PA State Constable

"Dan was recommended to me as an instructor (by another instructor). He was very professional".

Bill Stoeffler, PA State Constable

"(Instructor was) able to give examples of how training has worked on job moments to make us believe the techniques will work for us".

David Monks, Kenton County (KY) Detention Center

(GAGE Class)-"Good material, appropriate to job/training usage. No clutter of extra frills. (Instructor was) knowledgeable, proficient, able to teach and demonstrate course material".

Frank Mattingly, Lexington-Fayette (KY) Division of Community Corrections

"This class, (GAGE), is a must have for all law enforcement. This is the second class with Dan. Both times were great. I look forward to taking more classes from Dan".

Jonathan Colwell, Kenton County (KY) Corrections

"Excellent program (GAGE). Dan Solla taught the material to his audience and reinforced the need for the skills in our environment. Excellent class. Excellent instructor. Definitely among the best in the field".

Dustin Wynn, Lexington-Fayette (KY) Division of Corrections

"Excellent (PPCT) Instructor Trainer-One of the best I have learned from".

Eric Legear, Lexington-Fayette (KY) Division of Corrections

"(Instructor was) very knowledgeable. Used real world experiences to gain and maintain attention of students during instruction to prove effectiveness. Provided a very rewarding experience".

Kevin Johnson, Lexington-Fayette (KY) Division of Corrections

"(Instructor was) very good, he taught us a lot and it was very accurate".

Shabray Hobson
National Park Service

"The instructor was very helpful and genuine when teaching the course".

Shandrika Davis
National Park Service


"Well Equipped. Well Trained. Well Prepared."


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